Internet in Mexico [Internet Monitor]

Internet in Mexico Lack of infrastructure and the outsize control of telecom monopolies have impeded the growth of Internet use in Mexican society. The country’s Internet penetration rate of 38 percent trails many of its OECD counterparts. Despite the Mexican government’s (as of yet unrealized) plans to build a nationwide fiber optic network, access in … More Internet in Mexico [Internet Monitor]

Smart cities

How can we use technology to manage and govern our environment? I recently stumble upon an interesting video on how people are using technology to intelligently manage resources, change people’s behavior and create a more pleasant environment.   Talking about smart cities…  I am working on a start up project called, cityflag. An application that aims to transform the … More Smart cities

Keep moving forward

People notice your actions. Or lack of. No matter if your leading a company, a project, or a classroom, when you face resistance or inaction from other people, instincts might hold you down, making you wait for someone to take a step forward, thinking that the universe will somehow magically align things in your favor. This usually is … More Keep moving forward

Design’s root simple concept

I often find myself drowning  in a never-ending multilayered mashup culture that saturates my senses to the point where all I want, is to disconnect completely from the digital state. So, what makes good design? The following definitions describe design’s root simple concept: “To design something is to make a series of decisions that shape an experience for … More Design’s root simple concept

12 tips for a better day’s light and a better night’s sleep

  When we consider the whole spam of human life on Earth, 24 hour work-hard, play-hard culture society is but a blink of an eye. Times Square, Vegas, laptops, tablets have just began illuminating our lives at all times. There is a lot of research suggesting that exposure to light has as big of an impact as sleep … More 12 tips for a better day’s light and a better night’s sleep

8 New areas public relations professionals must master

  The emergence of the communication technologies 2.0 ten years ago transformed the communications industry and its practices. Public relations has become a field that requires knowledge and mastery of new practices to carry out their duties, both in conventional and in the digital realm. Public relations professionals should be able to keep up to … More 8 New areas public relations professionals must master