10 Consumer Trends for 2014


The trends forecasted by the consumer research agency JWT intelligence seems to be spot on considering the actual state in the tech industry and how consumers respond to the staggering amount of information and the pervasiveness of the digital world.

This is the list of the 10 trends for 2014

1. Creating Immersive Experiences: As the story world is driven by multi-platform services, entertainment and marketing are focusing in creating immersive experiences that aim to capture consumer’s attention and imagination.

2. Learn to Speak in Visuals: Many people live hyperconnected, hyperactive lives that usually prefer to communicate using images or emoticons instead of words. Because of this we can see how mobile apps and website are increasingly focusing on visual content to engage users.

3. The Age of Impatience: The on-demand economy and always-on culture are rapidly becoming mainstream. Businesses are paying attention to people wanting to get instant results and immediate gratification.

4. MOBILE, the social equalizer: The mobile device is an inclusive technological tool that is representing a gateway to opportunity in the emerging markets. Mobiles and big data are changing lives allowing people to access financial systems, commerce channels, education, safety and more.

5. Telepathic Technology: Brain computer interfaces and emotion recognition technology are providing brands with better understanding of consumers’ minds and moods.

6. The End of Anonymity: Due to the growing online and mobile services that collects personal data, maintaining privacy protected against corporations and governments is nearly impossible. This lost of privacy will pushback users that are growing skeptics about revealing their everyday lives.

7. Raging Against the Machine: As the digital age permeates all our daily activities, we’re realizing the effects of technology on our life, causing fear and resent of loosing our own individuality. It seems that activities that makes us feel essentially human – like spending time outdoors or joining a book club – will be more valued.

8. Remixing Tradition: New social norms seem to be rapidly emerging, transforming traditional values into anything goes attitudes and creating their own rituals to compose their own “feels right philosophy”.

9. Proudly Imperfect: It seems that imperfection and even outright ugliness, is being used to balance an every increasing curated world that often likes to flirt with perfection. Artists and brands are using imperfection as an unfiltered optic that reflects the diverse and flawed world we live in.

10. Mindful Living: As a result of the hyperconnected life consumers live, many are searching for paths that can lead to a more mindful, present and conscious state of being. People want to find a way to focus on the moment, a highly valuable – and essential – activity that often becomes scarce as a result of our hyperactive lives.

These trends reveal a dichotomy between an ever increasing, immersive digital experience, and the concerns of privacy from an omnipresent vigilant state. Brand experts and marketing teams will for sure take their cues at this interesting list of trends for 2014.




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