12 tips for a better day’s light and a better night’s sleep



When we consider the whole spam of human life on Earth, 24 hour work-hard, play-hard culture society is but a blink of an eye. Times Square, Vegas, laptops, tablets have just began illuminating our lives at all times. There is a lot of research suggesting that exposure to light has as big of an impact as sleep in our health, mood and life. Research also suggests that by finding out the amount of light we need and making sure we get it, we may live a better, longer and happy life.

Personally, I tend to spend many hours exposed to screens either by work and leisure activities, which I know cannot be healthy in a long-term period, so a I am constantly trying to balance my daily habits. Recently I found a list of recommendations that I have been trying to put in practice.

If you want to try it for yourself, here are 12 tips might improve the amount of light exposure we need.

1 Get up and go to bed at the same time every day, even at weekends
2 Open your curtains each morning and embrace the day, not your privacy
3 Spend time outside by day and take the whole family with you, young and old
4 Don’t draw the blind
5 Try to work by a window—a room with a view isn’t just a good novel
6 Play video games by day, not at night
7 Buy an extra desk lamp
8 Have a romantic dinner with the lights dimmed
9 Don’t use your computer or tablet for two hours before bedtime
10 Install f.lux software on your computer. It’s a free program that cuts blue glare later in the day
11 Make your bedroom dark or sleep in a face mask
12 Turn off the light half an hour earlier. It could save your life


(article in The Intelligent life magazine)



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