Smart cities

How can we use technology to manage and govern our environment? I recently stumble upon an interesting video on how people are using technology to intelligently manage resources, change people’s behavior and create a more pleasant environment.   Talking about smart cities…  I am working on a start up project called, cityflag. An application that aims to transform the … More Smart cities

Keep moving forward

People notice your actions. Or lack of. No matter if your leading a company, a project, or a classroom, when you face resistance or inaction from other people, instincts might hold you down, making you wait for someone to take a step forward, thinking that the universe will somehow magically align things in your favor. This usually is … More Keep moving forward

Design’s root simple concept

I often find myself drowning  in a never-ending multilayered mashup culture that saturates my senses to the point where all I want, is to disconnect completely from the digital state. So, what makes good design? The following definitions describe design’s root simple concept: “To design something is to make a series of decisions that shape an experience for … More Design’s root simple concept