Keep moving forward

People notice your actions. Or lack of.

No matter if your leading a company, a project, or a classroom, when you face resistance or inaction from other people, instincts might hold you down, making you wait for someone to take a step forward, thinking that the universe will somehow magically align things in your favor.

This usually is not the case. Even if it happens, your learning process will not cultivate your skills and experience. Chances are that next time around, the same things will happen again.

Every time we let things happen on their own and sit back and wait for everything to work itself out, we are letting go an opportunity to deliver a strong message about our talents and leadership potential.

It’s not what you are working on that counts, it’s the person you are becoming by taking action and pushing people forward or quitting and let things go their way. Keep moving forward. Always.

Action or inaction are both forms of leadership and reputation.


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